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The Samson veterinary clinic has been a part of the Ste-Dorothee, Laval,  community  since  2000. Our whole team is devoted to offering a warm and professional service to everyone who visits us with their beloved companion. We realize that every animal has different needs and requires personalized care.  From a  routine exam to a visit for a specific medical problem, we always take the time to fully understand our patient's needs so we can offer them  high quality veterinary care....

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a pet for you


Cats are one of the most popular domestic pets. They are exceptionally intelligent creatures that can provide affection and entertainment.


There is a reason why they say dogs are man's best friend; nothing beats coming home to a wagging tail and friendly face.  Prior to dog ownership, however, it is important to understand the responsibilities that coincide with being a canine owner.

Health informations

  • Cats often suffer from urinary tract disorders that are wrongly referred to as urinary tract infections. Several causes can explain these disorders affecting the bladder.





We have been hearing more and more about the arrival of the tick is in Quebec. Just a few years ago, only certain areas in southern Ontario and Quebec were visited by this eight-legged parasite. With global warming, we now find the tick a lot more in our regions and unfortunately it is here to...... read more

Basic tips for your pet's dental health

Pets must have an annual examination of their mouth and teeth in the same way as their owners do. A veterinarian will take the time to examine the teeth of your four-legged companion and offer treatment as needed. Preventative care can be put in place or, if the situation is more advanced, a...... read more

How to prevent urinary tract problems with your cat

Feline Urinary tract Syndrome is a condition that affects cats on a regular basis and can be caused by crystals, stones, infection or chronic inflammation of the bladder wall. The detailed explanation of this syndrome is discussed in the website section"Health: Urinary Problems". We will now...... read more



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